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Mar 01, 2018 at 08:49 PM

Fiori Launchpad Does not consider SU01 default Language

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Update 23-June-2022

Fiori Launchpad in FES 2021 provides a settings for end-users to define the Default Language.

This settings is found under Me Area > Settings > Language & Region.


Based on the article the FLP default language is supposed to be picked in the following order:

1. Language in URL

2. Default Language Maintained in SU01

3. Default Browser Language.

Setting Language Preferences for the Launchpad

I am trying to setup the system for the type 2 from the list above.

Reason: In production systems when SSO is used to log into FLP the users do not have an option to switch between languages or chose their default preferred language.

Issue: When I execute FLP the default from SU01 is not picked and it is always English (since the browser default is English). If I change the browser default to German; FLP will be loaded in German.

I have checked SICF the default language is not maintained for ushell:

SU01 Default:



For me the priority that it is taking is:

URL parameter > Browser Language

Instead of what is mentioned in the -- URL parameter > SU01 > Browser Language.

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