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AVC check Authorization Level

Mar 01 at 05:28 PM


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Hi All,

I have a question on the AVC Authorization levels. This is defined and used in AVC tolerance profiles. SAP documentation mentions that "Company ABC has roles 'Employee', 'Manager' and 'Vice- President' who are working with claims and funds management. They want to identify 'Vice-President'' as an authorization level that can override defined AVC checks in fund usages. They define an authorization level "Vice-President" in this IMG activity, and then incorporate this into the code of the application that calls the AVC fund usage logic. When the Vice-President is logged into the system, his authorization level is verified and then the AVC tolerances are based on this." So, if i want to authorize the Vice-President to override the AVC checks, which is the program or function module where i can write the logic using the Authorization Level. Would i be able to enhance the BAdI CRM_FM_AVC_FILTER for this?

Thanks and Regards, Ram.

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The AVC auth level is being passed through the parameter IV_AUTH_LEVEL.

And this parameter is getting called in class CL_CRM_MKTPL_TPM_FM_UTIL -->PERFORM_AVAILABILITY_CHECK where fund usages are checked and created.

Could anyone help me in understanding if there is a standard way to link the AVC auth level to the User or a enhancement is necessary to achieve this.

Thanks and Regards,


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1 Answer

Johannes Voglsam
Mar 23 at 09:25 AM

Hello Ram,

please refer to the SCN Wiki:

Availability Control in CRM Funds Management
This contains the required customizing - if the process cannot be set up by customizing you can use the BAdI

CRM_FM_AVC_FILTER for influencing the design.

best regards,


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Hi Johannes,

Thank you for your reply. I have already checked your wiki on fund usages. This BAdI CRM_FM_AVC_FILTER does not mention on the use of authorization level to control the AVC checks of the fund usages. Also, could you please let me know if SAP provides a standard way to assign the authorization level to the user.

Thanks and Regards,