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third party invoice with batch number

Mar 01 at 04:54 PM


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Dear Community,

In a standard process of "Sales Order - Outbound Delivery - Invoice" with material with batch management, after we indicate the batch at the outbound delivery and do PGI we can bill and the batch number is inherited by the invoice at an item level.

When we create a Sales Order with item position TAS (third-party), we create the Purchase Order related to it and we post the "dummy" goods receipt in MIGO (vendor delivery to ship-to) - in this "dummy" goods receipt the Batch number is automatically created. Thereafter we can bill the sales order.

The problem in this case is that we don't get the batch number in the invoice:

There's a standard way of derive this batch number?

Thanks in advance,


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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Mar 01 at 05:37 PM

In a third party process is a goods receipt just statistical nature.

With a third party process you have a order related billing as there is no delivery from your plant.

There is no connection between a statistical goods receipt to a third party purchase order and the billing to a sales order.

Billing of a third-party sales order is triggered by posting the invoice from the vendor against to purchase order.

If you want a batch in the invoice then you should maintain it in the sales order as this is the reference document for your invoice.

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Thanks for your comment Jürgen, we might then try with development so the batch can be derived to sales order or directly to the invoice.

By the way, I did change the copy control so after the dummy goods receipt is done the SD invoice can be triggered before the vendor invoice verification. Standard following SCM680 instructions.