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Jul 23, 2008 at 09:11 AM

Need to condense the value of VBELN in to new variable.


Here in this code..I had defined a Local variable LV_VBELN LIKE VBRK_VBELN and VBELN is Type c (10).

The function module that I had used in the Import Parameter

you can see the BRANCH...Its type is C (4).

I am passing the value of VBELN to the Import parameter in the function module. As it result it is throwing the short dump.

I need to declare a new Local variable of type c with length 4 and condense the VBELN value into this local variable and pass it to the Functino module.

Can anyone suggest me with the code.

Here is the code.

                                                                                                DATA: ADDRESS LIKE SADR,

                                                                                                BRANCH_RECORD LIKE J_1BBRANCH,

                                                                                                CGC_NUMBER LIKE J_1BWFIELD-CGC_NUMBER,

                                                                                                ADDRESS_VALUE LIKE ADDR1_VAL.

                                                                                                DATA : LV_VBELN LIKE VBRK-VBELN. "Local Variable for vbrk-vbeln

                                                                                                --->Select single bupla into lv_vbeln from vbrk where vbeln EQ is_bil_invoice-hd_gen-bil_number.

                                                                                                CALL FUNCTION 'J_1B_BRANCH_READ'


                                                                                                BRANCH = lv_vbeln

                                                                                                COMPANY = is_bil_invoice-hd_org-comp_code


                                                                                                ADDRESS = ADDRESS

                                                                                                BRANCH_RECORD = BRANCH_RECORD

                                                                                                CGC_NUMBER = CGC_NUMBER

                                                                                                ADDRESS_VALUE = ADDRESS_VALUE


                                                                                                BRANCH_NOT_FOUND = 1

                                                                                                ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND = 2

                                                                                                COMPANY_NOT_FOUND = 3

                                                                                                OTHERS = 4.

                                                                                                IF sy-subrc = 0.

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm1 = ADDRESS-NAME1. " Name 1

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm2 = 'BRAZIL'.

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm3 = ADDRESS-STRAS. " House address & street

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm4 = ADDRESS-ORT01. " City

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm5 = ADDRESS-PSTLZ. " Postal code

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm6 = 'Tel:'.

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm7 = ADDRESS-TELF1 " Telephone no.

                                                                                                st_txt-cnm8 = ADDRESS-TELFX. " Fax number

                                                                                                *Commmented and added to avoid hard code CNPJ

                                                                                                • st_txt-cnm9 = 'CNPJ ' + CGC_NUMBER. " CGC number (company,branch,check digits)

                                                                                                CONCATENATE 'CNPJ' CGC_NUMBER INTO st_txt-cnm9 SEPARATED BY SPACE.

                                                                                                **End of changes