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Jul 23, 2008 at 09:08 AM

Percentage and Subreport in Crosstab


Morning all,

2 questions really,

1: Can we use proper percentages within Cross tabs? For example I have a field with Total Jobs (which is not in a Cross Tab) and have a field which calculates number of jobs per day (which is in Cross tab).

Can I use percentage such that, Number of jobs per day % Total Jobs?

I used the count of Formula for Number of jobs perday however, that brings up 100% all the time (which I do not wish to have).

2: I am creating a sub report, so if the end user would like to drill down into the Order Number, he should be able to. However, number of jobs being in the Cross tab, can I use Sub Reports within Cross tabs? If yes! then how?

many thanks

Kind regards