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Can the information of currently loaded tables be saved and restored manually?


this is the situation:

- HANA 1.0 SPS12

- There is no PRELOAD flag set for any table

- 3TB of column tables are loaded during normal workload

- The RELOAD feature is active.

During a HANA revision update (after the executables were updated) the delivery units are going to be imported. If the parameter "reload_tables = true" was set before the update process gets started, the system will reload all tables (3TB) which were loaded during normal operation and recognised by the reload-mechanism.

Due to the high I/O load, the delivery unit import will be extremly slow and will just complete after the table reload has finished.

My idea was to set the reload_tables parameter to "false" before the update begins, then do the update and set the parameter back to "true" afterwards in combination with a HANA restart.

Does the HANA system lose the information which tables were loaded, when I set the parameter to "false" or are they saved somewhere and will be noticed when I re-activate the parameter?

My fear is, that the information is lost and when I reactivate the parameter the system will rescan all loaded tables at this moment (which are just a few) and so all the other tables needed by the SAP system for normal work don't get loaded at startup time.

If the information gets lost: Is there a way to manually save the information which tables are loaded at the moment and to restore this information to the system after the parameter gets activated again?


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