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Jul 23, 2008 at 08:04 AM

Supressing a sub report when there is no data input


I have a sub report in the Report Footer of the main report. I have selected to suppress the subreport when it is empty.

But, I have a formula in the details section of the subreport which calculates the item number:


Shared Numbervar x;

x:= x + 1;

So, even when there is no data being inputed into the subreport, it still shows up. What would be the best way to supress the sub report when it is empty?

I can think of a couple of options but I don't know how to write formulae for them:

1. The sub report contains a field in the details section called DRAW_NO. So, supress the sup report when there are no entries in this field.

2. Leave the item number blank when there are no entries in the field DRAW_NO.

If anyone can tell me roughly what the formula should look like then I would be very grateful. Or, if you have another suggestion for supressing the sub report when it is empty.