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Call Local class within PAI Module

Mar 01 at 10:48 AM


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Hey there,

I have a program with 4 includes in it. One top-include (global data), one for pai-modules, one for pbo-modules and one for a local helper class.

I put the definition and implementation of my local class in the include "local helper class". Now I want to access the instance of this class inside the pai-module after an user-command with lcl_class=>get_instance( ). I used the singleton pattern.

But when I want to activate the PAI Module, an error occurs, saying "Type lcl_class is unknown". Even when I set a variable inside my top-include, the same error occurs after I try to activate the program.

Any one know how to solve this?

Thank you and best regards


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1 Answer

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Timur Celik Mar 01 at 11:13 AM


I solved this problem. Had to put the PAI-Include after the Local-Class-Helper-Include. So now its like:

INCLUDE Z_TEST_TOP             .    " global Data
INCLUDE Z_TEST_PBO.                 " PBO
INCLUDE Z_TEST_HELPER.              " Local Helper Class
INCLUDE Z_TEST_PAI.                 " PAI

Before this sequence the Include for Local Helper Class was the last one.

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