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Jul 22, 2008 at 07:09 PM

Avoid project name duplications!


Hello All:

I have a customer that want to use project extensively in SBO. They will self increment for project code. But put something meaningful on the project name. But because there are mulitple of people that couldn't enter project, they want to make sure that they don't duplicate the project.

I tried to use the SP_transactionnotification but because project doesn't have objtype it doesn't work. Then I tried to use a formatted search :

 Select case when (select count(*) from oprj where prjname = $[OPRJ.prjname]) >0 then 'Invalid' else $[OPRJ.prjname] end 

But I can't do auto FS on project name. it only allow you do auto on column changes that's is not the field you in right now.

Does anyone have any similar problems and have a nice solution that give those red error messages at the button. I know that with SDK this is easily down. (but customer does not want anymore add-ons) Back in the early 2005 it was possible using a separate field and put invalid value in that field. But non of which are working for me in 2007.

Can anyone help please? appreciate it!