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Mismatch between FAGLB03 VS FAGLL03

Nov 01, 2016 at 04:23 PM


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Hi Gurus,

Earlier, it was found some fields are not stored in FAGLFLEXA while it exists in BSEG.

The solution was using


For some of the reason, FAGL_DELETE_DOCUMENT is executed more than once for 1 FI document. It leads to another issue.

For example, the FI DOC was +1000 in that GL

Before any actions, it was Dr: 8000 Cr: 3000 Bal: 5000

1. FAGL_DELETE_DOCUMENT - for the 1st time:

It became Dr: 7000 Cr: 3000 Bal: 4000

2. FAGL_DELETE_DOCUMENT - for the 2nd time:

It become Dr. 6000 Cr. 3000 Bal: 3000

3. RGURECGLFLEX - for 1 time:

It become Dr: 7000 Cr. 3000 Bal: 4000

However, RGURECGLFLEX cannot be executed TWICE and Debit side cannot go back to 8000. It makes me really headache... anyone can provide a solution... please help!!!

*PS: I have continued my test in QA - it seems the deletion program sometimes can execute more than once, while sometimes it pops up error message, indicating the FI doc is no longer existing - after 1 deletion.*

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