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Jul 22, 2008 at 04:21 PM

Personnel subarea inheritance issue



not sure if this is an abap or functional question, so I started here.

I have a report using Logical Database PNPCE to find some values from a couple of info types. When I select a unit (from the 'OrgStructure' button at the top of the screen), say 111, and all its sub-units with no selections in the selection screen, I get one person displayed. This is correct and this person is in a sub-unit 3 levels down (unit 333).

I then added a selection to only display people in units with Personnel SubArea 'OTEC'. Now I get no results output. When I look in PPOME, I can see that unit 333 has Personnel SubArea 'OTEC' but it is inherited from '111'.

In PP01, unit 111 has an Account Assignment entry (Info Type 1008) but 333 does not.

Does anyone know how to report on this?

Is there a flag somewhere that tells the LDB to check for inherited units?

If not, any ideas if there is a function out there to find the superior unit for these sub-units?