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Jul 22, 2008 at 03:41 AM

Why MIRO got strange posting


Amount in LC-NZD Amountin EUR Trx Analysis

814,371.96 439,678.20 BSX GR Doc

810,320.37 437,490.75 WRX GR Doc

4,051.59 2,187.45 YR1 Freight in GR

810,320.37 437,490.75 WRX IR doc

146,830.67 94,146.00 BSX Diff frm IR doc

and cr to Inventory

14,762.17 7,643.25 BSX Subsequent

IR and Dr to


Goods Issue out after the above documents

2,458.00 2,458.00 PRD Due to good

issued out/IV Doc in NZD =>

diff charged to Price Diff

*Why the following subsequent IR got the posting which amnt in LC is posted as 131,023.18, and this price difference caused exchange rate 59,170.57 posted. donot know why system behave strange like that.*

131,023.18 94,146.00 PRD

59,170.57 0 KDM