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Jul 21, 2008 at 08:31 PM

Creating a Taglib as a service


I am attempting to create my own taglib, ala framework and layout taglibs, but am running into errors picking up the taglib.

I've followed the steps in this document which does exactly what I want to do:

However, I receive the following ParseException in the stack trace: Error in parsing taglib 'minimalLayout' tag in web.xml or .tld file of the taglib library. I am attempting to access the TLD in the same manner that I am pulling the TLD for htmlb or framework tags. They should be accessible from any PAR that I'm creating if I define it in the portalapp.xml file:

        <property name="" value="/SERVICE/"/>
        <property name="minimalLayout" value="/SERVICE/com.myapp.portal.framework.tags/taglib/minimalLayout.tld"/>        

Really struggling to understand what I'm missing here. Any ideas?