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Oct 27, 2016 at 09:13 AM

Two replication servers one for each replicated model in the same replication system


Dears, I have the following case and need some help please,

and sorry for my fresh experience with Sybase

I am planning to use replication system in my company, I have one production server (sybase ASE 15.7) stores one production database.

I will install a replication server on a different server (but it is in the same building, so it will connect with the production server over LAN )

I will install replication server and create a new database repDB on it and make employees retrieve reports from this database (to reduce load on production database)

so what is model I should use for this replicate database?

On the other hand, I will install a new replication server on a far place (over WAN), and here I have to use Warm standby application, is this right, even though the primary and standby database will be managed by different replication servers?? kindly note here I will use the first repDB (located on date server in the same building with production server) as primary database.

Am I in the right way, and what are your suggestions about this issue.

please advice.

Thanks in advance