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Jul 21, 2008 at 06:07 AM

Function Module for Rounding Off to the Nearest Value of th given Value


Hi Friends,

Is there any Function Module for Rounding Off the given Value.

For Example.....

Say v_variable contains the value 2.81

Now the decimal is more than 50 paise.. so it should round off to 3.00

Say if the variable v_variable contains the value 2.41

Now the decimal is less than the 50 paisa.. so it should round off to 2.00

How i am doing.

First every thing i am moving to charater format ( Charater Data Type )

after that SPLITTING at decimal positions into two variable like v_rupees and v_paise.

Checking the variable v_paise greater than or equal to 50 paise.

v_variable = CEIL( v_variable)


v_variable = FLOOR(v_variable)

Here my problem is every thing i have to move into charactes data type..

So i am looking for a Function Module..

Please check this and let me help regarding this.

Thanks & Regards: