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Jul 20, 2008 at 11:51 AM

Question about implementation of a webservice



I have successful implemented a webservice call in my webdnypro application. But I am not sure if I have done this the right way 😊

Scenario: I have a view which displays data from a business partner. These data can be accessed over a webservice. The webservice requires a parameter with the id of the bussiness partner.

My solution: I have implemented a method in the component controller (*

public void getBusinessPartnerInfo( java.lang.String businessPartnerCode )  {
    //@@begin getBusinessPartnerInfo()
	  service = new BPService();
	  Request_GetBPInfo request = new Request_GetBPInfo(service);
	  GetBPInfo getBPInfo = new GetBPInfo(service);

	  try {
	  } catch(WDWSModelExecuteException ex) {

and I invoke this method from the wdInit method of the same controller.

public void wdDoInit()
    //@@begin wdDoInit()

Therefor the data is available when the view is loaded. But I am asking myself if this is the right way to do that? Wouldn't it be better to call this webservice invocation from the init method of the view?

Additionally I do not know at the moment how to access the environment of the portal for information. E.g. the business partner code c1000 is hard coded at the moment. I would like to read this code from the environment, e.g. the portal. Over which API can I access data from the portal or better say from the ume (where i can map a field to the business partner code)?

Thanks for your answers,