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Schedule Agreement Jumping Delivery Date Line (ME38)

Feb 28 at 12:12 PM


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Good morning my friends,

I have a question about Schedule Agreement.
I don't know why, but sometimes instead of schedule agreement set the supply using the first date of list (ME38), it is jumping some schedule lines instead of use "First in First Out" order as picture below (skipped lines in red).

After next entries, the system back to use the older lines.

Thank you.

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Jürgen L
Feb 28 at 02:35 PM

If you refer to the yellow line then have a look at the Delivery Schedule Line Counter, 518, which smaller than any number in the red marked lines.

In any case the usage is probably influenced by an user exit as SAP does not allow to post a receipt to a future delivery date (see OSS note 741385 - Goods receipts up to current date for scheduling agreements)

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Former Member

Hi Jürgen,

I will try to apply this SAP Note.

Thank you for help!


I did not say that you have to apply the SAP note, I mentioned it for reference, as your system already allows to post a receipt for a schedule line which is due on 26.06.2018 which is in about 4 months from now. This would not happen in SAP Standard and hence I believe someone has either already followed the suggestion of this note or made another modification.

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But have you seen this problem before?

I just want that Schedule Agreement follow the Delivery Date order instead of Delivery Schedule Line Counter order, because this affects our purchase planning.

Another solution could be change the Delivery Schedule Line Counter order, matching the order of Delivery Date to avoid these "jumps".

Do you know some solution or workaround to solve or avoid this problem?

Thank you so much!


Actually I have not seen such issue, as schedule agreements are not used in our environment, I am almost about to say in our industry, since none of our many acquisitions who were on SAP before had used it.

So I can't even really imagine why there is such a jumble in the Delivery Schedule Line Counter

I guess you should analyze this more from a total process point of view instead of trying to do some ABAP fixes.

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Good morning Jürgen, how are you?

I found the solution for this case... we need to run the transaction ME85 to renumber the Schedule Agreements, but with the field "Minimum Usage Level" blank (this way the program will execute for all cases).

Thank you so much for your help!