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BODS RDS Material Master Internal numbers

Feb 28 at 11:21 AM


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Dear Data Gurus

I am migrating Material master using the standard BODS RDS, the material being migrated are using internal numbering. The issue is that the target system already have material with the same numbers manually created therefore I need the new material from DS to increment to what is already on the target system rather than overwrite.

How can I achieve this?

Many Thanks,


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1 Answer

Tom Evans Feb 28 at 02:48 PM


When using internal numbering, SAP ECC uses the next number based on the config. To avoid overwriting an existing object (material in this case), set the internal number range to be higher than the highest existing object's number (or set the current number to be higher than that number). (You may need to consider the allocation of blocks of numbers from the DB server to the App servers.)

The functionality to check if an object already has a certain number and skip to the next number is not available.

I usually use an external numbering for a migration. These can be assigned within DS, based on the existing numbers in the target system. For a migration, you can normally keep anyone else from creating materials at the same time you are creating them. Thus, you can setup the external numbering config and/or DS with the desired numbers at the start of the load.


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I have never had a data migration in the last 13 years where people did not create material masters in parallel in the live system. This is quite unavoidable in a system which has plants around the globe and is used 24/7.

Using external numbers for migrations or changing number ranges seems to be a step backward into early R/3 times.

With LSMW and Idoc import method I am able to call the functional module NUMBER_GET_NEXT to take the next number in sequence from the internal number range and get it into the IDoc as if it is an external number. So there is no harm if people continue to create materials manually at the same time, since this number that I assigned cannot be used by them.

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Hello Tom and Jurgen,

Thank you for the suggestions, I have managed to achieve creating Material internal numbers. I opted to using the SAP Migration Cockpit, I developed an LTMOM object using an enhanced material function module.

If you want more information on this, I can share with you.

Many thanks,



Blog about it.