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SAP B1 A/R Down payment request

Feb 28 at 10:36 AM


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We have a requirement from a client.

The customer has no order or delivery. They currently create a A/R Down Payment Request first. The customer then pays this. At this point that want to be able to go create a delivery based on the down payment request to supply the goods as they have now been paid for. By default the system does not allow the 'copy to' when in the down payment request to go to a delivery document. Without manually creating the delivery & using the reference document to link to the down payment request, is there any way to allow the user to copy the lines from the down payment request to the delivery? It's open to user error when the user has to manually created the delivery lines & the client doesn't really want this.

Has anyone come across this before? Maybe where a customer uses proforma Invoicing.

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SAP B1 - 9.2 PL7 SQL based version.

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Eoin Lappin Mar 21 at 08:55 AM

Update: Customer is changing their process & going to create a Sales Order first. This will allow them copy to a down payment request & copy to the delivery when ready.

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Hrvoje Dolenec Feb 28 at 12:14 PM

You can use sales order. first, you copy sales order to DP request. After it's been paid, you copy sales order to delivery.

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Hi Thanks for the reply. Customer does not want to use Sales Orders at all. The first document they will do is the down payment request. They then want to copy this to a delivery after it's been paid. No Sales order will be done.

System does not allow you use 'Copy from' from the Down payment request when your in the new delivery.

A user can create a delivery & manually add the lines to it but this can lead to mistakes. The client only wants the items added to the down payment request & those lines copied to any other documents. (Not manually re-entered onto the delivery)


I'm not sure what answer do you expect to get. You said everything yourself, you can't copy AR Down Payment Request to Delivery. You can use sales orders, or enter Delivery manually.