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transport Objects in same group in SLD

Hi All,

I want to transport my IDOC scenarios. Our landscape is as follows:

in SLD we have two groups:



and in DEV we have PIDev and PIQua Business system where as in PID we have PIProd business system.

Now i want ot transport my objects from PIDev to PIQua. But since these BS are in same group i could not assign PIQua as Transport target of PIDev(I am unable to find this BS name in the pop up.).

What should i do? Is it required that in order to transport objects both Bs should be in different Groups?

Thanks in advance.



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4 Answers

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    Jul 19, 2008 at 04:46 AM

    hi patil

    Create Business System Groups

    For transport of configuration objects its required to create and maintain transport targets for all business systems. In the Group dropdown, select Edit Groups. Now here you can create a new Transport group say PRD.

    Maintaining Transport Targets

    Home page --> Business Landscape --> Select Business System

    In target now we can choose (ex:BS1) and thus assign transport target.So now objects being moved, business system group created and target system maintained, SLD preparation is done and now itu2019s a time to start XI Transports.

    reward points if helpfull



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  • Jul 21, 2008 at 07:19 AM

    Is it required that in order to transport objects both Bs should be in different Groups?

    Yes, for utilizing the transport target mechanism, separate groups sould be created.



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    Jul 18, 2008 at 08:34 PM

    I believe its necessary to have your BS in different groups. These groups are used to logically categorize the different environments. Moreover for transport these groups act as source and target for the respective environments.

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    Jul 21, 2008 at 07:30 AM


    You have to use Transpoprt method


    1) Call Integration Builder screen on DEV Server with http://hostname:J2ee Port/rep

    2) Call SLD (System Landscape Directory) Component from the Integration builder

    Save all the .zip files on the Local Desktop

    3) Select the Software Component & say Export that you want to Export from DEV

    Server to Production server and which is going to use in the IR of XI

    4) Also Select the Product of the above SWC and say Export

    5) Select the Technical Systems (TS of XI & TS of the SAP R/3) and say Export

    6) Select the Business System(s) & say Export; those are associated with above Exported

    Technical systems.

    In Production Server

    1) Logon to the SLD of the Production Server.

    2) Create a Technical System and Business system which points to the Production SAP R/3

    3) Go to Administration TAB in the main page of SLD

    4) Select the Import option to Import the SWC , PRD, TS,& BS which we Exported Earlier in DEV Server

    5) Click on Browse and select the .zip files that is to Import into Production Server,

    Which were stored on the local desktop at the time of DEV Server Export

    And say Import Selected File Option

    By this we exported and imported the SLD Objects

    Now we have to create transport groups and transport targets in the Production server of SLD

    Creation of Transport Groups

    Edit GroupsGroup1) Select the Business systems

    2) Click on New Group and give the name of the group as DEV_group & select the

    Corresponding Development serveru2019s integration Server

    3) Similar way create another group for Production serveru2019s business system as

    PRD_group and select the Production serveru2019s integration Server

    Creation of transport targets

    This is to Define which business systems in two different groups correspond to each other

    1) Select each Business system in the SLD and select transport TAB---click on

    Add/Change Target and select its corresponding target business system.

    For Example:

    If you select the business system of Production XI server means

    In the target you have to select group as DEVGROUP and the business system of Development XI server.

    Like this do the same for other business systems also


    BS_PRD_Integration Server----

    BS_DEV_Inetration Server

    How to create Transport Groups & transport Targets



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