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Jul 18, 2008 at 05:46 PM

ENHPK3 installation steps and ERP 6.0 stacks


I have read all documents regarding ENHPK3 but have some question for sites that have successfully installed Pack 3.

q1) I am on Stack 11 and documentation for install of ERP 6.0 states to upgrade to latest stack which is 13.

So do I go immediately to Stack 13 and then install ENHPK 3?

which leads to q2)

Do I install all of the packages in ENHPK3 via SAINT or do I just do my industry (chemical) which falls under DIMP.

I have assumed that we would only install EA-APPL SAP-AAPL and ECC DIMP 603.

However because of the Stack upgrade I will install the enitre Stack 13 which include IS-Oil IS media etc etc.

does this is okay? the dliemma is that I install the above SWC EA-APPL SAP-AAPL and ECC DIMP 603 and then as other stacks come out like 14 and 15 that there may be an issue? or not?

Advice is much appreciated.

Mikie Brogan