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Jul 18, 2008 at 12:11 PM

jco - SAP RFC Error: METADATA unavailable



im stucked in my rfc issue regarding jco and metadata.

We have to 2 SAP Systems.

SYS1 and SYS2. Both are connected to a jco Server and registered without problems PROGRAMMID "SYS123" is configured in jco and SM59 RFC Destination.

if i send an Idoc from SYS1 to the jco ... everything works fine.

if i disable the connection to SYS1 and enable the connection to SYS2 the jco registered succesfull at the sap gateway.

now, if i send an idoc from sys2 to the same jco ... i get the message "metadata unvailable for idoc type xxx".

SYS1+SYS2: The RFC User is the same one with the same roles.

SYS1+SYS2: use the same IDoctype

even a second jco is working fine with SYS1 but not with SYS2.

is it possible that the idoc_repository (existing in the properties) could only be imported for one system or that the repository contains data from SYS1 only ?

How can we import that repository again ?

i dont have any other ideas.