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Is it possible to merge or split compute units in HCP ?

Oct 27, 2016 at 11:20 AM


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Currently HCP offers four compute units ranging from Lite to premium plus. Just wanted to know if there is a possibility of merging two Lite units into one Pro or Split one Premium into 4 lite compute units and so on. If they do offer such flexibility, is there any standard process to do the same ?

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Vladimir Pavlov
Oct 27, 2016 at 05:00 PM

No, it's not possible.

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Thanks Vladimir !

This opens two interesting possibilities.

1. Can the compute unit editions be chosen by the user during procurement of the HCP package ?

As i see in the HCP Pricing document, Under Dev & Ops, the compute units are mentioned in terms of Cores and RAM only. Say if am procuring a HCP app services std. edition package ( 4 cores 8 GB ), will i be able to choose the size of compute units at that time ? For the said package i should be able to select one of the following combinations during the initial procurement:

  • 4 Lite Compute units (1 Core 2 GB) x 4
  • 2 Pro Compute units (2 cores, 4 GB) x 2
  • 1 Premium Compute unit (4 cores , 8 GB) x 1

Am i assuming it right ?

2. In case, if the user has the option to choose the compute unit edition initially(say he/she chooses Premium), for any additional units, should the user buy it as A-la-carte service (since the current compute unit cannot be split or merged)?

Since you have mentioned that these compute units cannot be split or merged, the only possibility the user has to get another compute unit is to buy it from a-la-carte services.

*If there is a pricing doc. specific to compute unit sizes and their pricing, it would be really helpful !

Would be glad if you could validate the above mentioned assumptions / question.