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Jul 18, 2008 at 09:56 AM

workprocess restarted session terminated


Hi All,

Im testing some transaction in my UAT system. But each time i want to check the detail configuration, the system is always give the message "workprocess restarted, session terminate", then the session is closed. I have check the workprocess in ST11 and this is the trace data:

B Fri Jul 18 08:39:01 2008

B dbslj: kernel version 20050900, java version 20050900


Stack_Trace: error while unwinding stack

( 0) 0x400000000148b660 CTrcStack2 + 0x1d8 [dw.sapCQ1_DVEBMGS31]

( 1) 0x4000000002b9cfe4 SigIGenAction + 0x2dc [dw.sapCQ1_DVEBMGS31]

( 2) 0xc000000000bf8bf0 sigreturn [/usr/lib/pa2064/libc.2]


M ***LOG Q0E=> SigIGenAction, signal ( 4) [sigux.c 931]

M in_ThErrHandle: 1

M ThIErrHandle: wrong stack (1), return to main stack

M *** ERROR => VMCErrInfo 110 [thxxvmc.c 5754]

M msgArea=14

M msgNo=302

M time=083901

M user=>USER12 <

M wp=0

M vm=4

M vm_err_txt=

M vm_err_program=Processing SPC_GET_PRICING_PROCEDURE_INFO

M ThIErrHandle: dump inside VMC not activated, switch action to RESTART_WP

M ThJCallThIErrHandle: return to main stack

M ThJSwapToStack: state of V4 is DP_VMC_WAITING

M VmcSwapToStack: swap stack (1 > 0)

M ThJGetVmResp2: get my stack buffer

M ThJGetVmResp2: received req (opcode=14)

M ThHdlVmReq: handle opcode 14

M ThHdlVmReq: return with callback func (createServer=0)

M ThVmcInitJumper: init VMC jumper (jmp index=1) [thxxjava.c:5299]

M ThJThIErrHandle: java state of V4 = DP_JAVA_VM_ERROR

M in_ThErrHandle: 1

M ThResetEmMagic: reset em magic for T38/M0/I1

M ThSigHandler: signal (step 4, th_errno 11, action 2)


M Info for wp 0


M stat = WP_RUN

M waiting_for = NO_WAITING

M reqtype = DP_RQ_DIAWP

Can anyone give me a clue to solve this issue?Thank you.