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Former Member
Jul 18, 2008 at 07:55 AM

Syntax Error when using SQL Expression


Morning all,

When I try to type any SQL Expression within Crystal I am getting syntax errors, even when I type only SELECT {field name} FROM {table name}.

Here is the query I did which gave me the following error:


SELECT  order_progress . date_created 
FROM order_progress
WHERE  order_progress . order_no = order_header . order_no 
AND  order_progress . order_status =77
ORDER BY  order_progress . date_created DESC


Error in compiliing SQL Expression
Database connector Error: 'HY000[Informix] [Informix ODBC Driver]General Error. Syntax Error[Database Vendor Code-11060]'.

Now this means, 1: I am getting a connection error with my db, for no apperent reason. 2: my syntax is not approved?!

Can someone explain why is this happening and how to resolve this?

many thanks

Kind Regards