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Jul 17, 2008 at 03:52 PM

Creation of Payroll Bank instruction file with DMEE file format


Hello SDN'ers

I've recently created a payment format using DMEE. All is fine & I am generating payment files from F110 without a problem.

I do have a problem with the creation of the payroll bank instruction file though.

T-Code PC00_M08_FFOT which is used to generate the bank instruction file once the payroll has run but it is linked to program RFFOGB_T which the DMEE created file formats do not use & so the result is 'no records selected'

It appears that whilst SAP have been directing us to use DMEE to modify or create bank instruction files, they have not created a payroll related program in which to create the files for payroll related payments for DMEE formats.

I guess I will have to go down the route of creating a 'Z' program & transaction that will do it for me, but I'm wondering / hoping someone out there knows better?

Have SAP already done this & I just need to use a different T-Code? Or have I found a blind spot in their thinking when directing us to us DMEE?