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Extending layout of ME23N

Feb 27 at 11:00 PM


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Hi Everyone,

I would have a question regarding extinding layout of tcode me23n.

On red limits I have shown what I can see on my deskop but I would like to see on whole surface in order not to scroll down and to right side.

Is it possible to adjust settings to reach view as on the attached screenshot ?

Thanks a lot for your advices and tipps

po-me23n-new-3.jpg (311.6 kB)
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Hi Jacek:

I would recommend changing the primary tag on this question if you want to get any responses. That transaction is not related to Contract accounting - rather it is part of purchasing, so to get responses you should re-tag it as such.




Thanks Richard.

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2 Answers

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Diana Dai
Feb 28 at 07:37 AM

Hello Jacek,

You can try to change the front size as below.
1. In the screen, click button "customize local layout" (Alt+ F12).

2. Select 'options' from the list.

3. Visual Design -> Front settings

4. click 'Select' Button.

5.change the size to a larger one.

6. Click OK, and OK again.

7. Log off the system and log on again, then go to transaction ME23N and check the layout.

Best regards,


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Hi Diana,

thank you for this valuable tipp. I haven't known about it before.

Do you think that would be possible extending title strip at the same font size so that scrolling to the left or right will no be needed ?

I am aware of it that SAP has many setting possibilities but some setting are not possible.

Best regards



Hello Jacek,

I have not found the possibility for extending title strip at the same font size yet, but in ME23N screen, if we click on 'personal settings" button, and tick the 'item overview as grid control" indicator, then save, the user will be able to see a button 'change layout' in the item overview. With this function, the user can set his own layout based on the needs. (for example, he can set the important fields in the left side of the item), then he does not need to scroll to the right side.

Best regards,


Jürgen L
Feb 28 at 11:11 AM

The data is presented in a table control and beside of the fields a table control itself is also defined with parameters for length and height.

Without modifying SAP standard you wont be able to make this table as wide as your monitor can take

tc-me21n.jpg (61.9 kB)
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