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How to delete wrong new data records

Feb 27 at 05:01 PM


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Hi All,

I have created a planning mask with the possibility to enter new lines.

when a user adds a new line, but uses wrong master data (here the cost center is not relevant for planning the selected year), then the system gives an error message marking the key figures in red.

Which is an easy way to get rid now of this data record? "Reset" command in web template or an "Delete" function do not work.

So far I found only the way to overwrite the values with something that is valid or to open the mask again.

thanks and regards


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2 Answers

Gregor Dieckmann
Feb 28 at 09:11 AM

Hi Cornelia,

you are using Web Templates? In AO one has 'Back -> To Previous Consistent Client State' or Excel 'Clear Contents', in Web Templates I think to delete the cell contents with 'DEL (keyboard)' for all input-ready cells in the new line should work (maybe not easy enough).



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Hello Gregor,

yes, we are still using web templates.

the delete cell by cell is possible, I just thought there might be something more convenient which I could add behind the reset button.

thanks anyways


Maria Ruseva Mar 09 at 09:08 AM


try to put 0 in the data column and save.



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Hi Maria,

no that does not work, because it´s not the number that is wrong but the char relation. So the system also does not accept a 0.