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VL10* not showing PO if delivery date of line item has passed

Feb 27 at 03:46 PM


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Hi Gurus, I have this question regarding VL10* behaviour. On the selection screen, I enter let's say show me open STOs (where I need to create the delivery) from current date to next 3 days.

Now, This STO has 2 line items. 1st line item was due for delivery in the past and 2nd line item is due tomorrow. I expect if I enter current date to next 3 days, it should show me the STO in the result screen as 2nd line item is due tomorrow but it is not. It doesn't return any data. If enter the date in the past, then it show me both line items.

While, in case of sales order, VL10* is showing me correct data.

For example:

Here are the STO and sales order :

Sales Order:

Now, in VL10G, I enter dates from today till tomorrow:


It only returns the sales order as 2nd line item is due on 27.02.2018 and not the STO.

Add document data:

Later, in item level, it will show me both line items from sales order with one with red light and another with yellow which is correct.

But why it did not return the STO as 2nd line item is due on 27.02.2018.

Now, if I enter the past date in VL10G (or VL10*), it will show all line items with STO:

Add document data:

It looks that VL10* checks the first delivery date for STOs and if it is missed, it doesn't show other line items which are due in future if we enter the current date in selection screen while for sales order, it shows.

Could you please guide here how we can see STO data same as sales order data?

Thank you.

Best regards,


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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Feb 28 at 09:03 AM

try the correction report ZKORVETV from OSS note 61148 and see if you get 2 entries after the execution.

The notes that you mentioned are actually valid for your system, there was probably a more detailed message explaining why they can't be implemented, maybe because they are already there.

VETVG must not necessarily have multiple entries just because the STO has several items, VETVG neither has a material number nor a field for an item number. If all key field information is equal for all items of the STO then there will be just 1 entry in VETVG.

Add screenshots from the PO item detail delivery schedule tab of both PO items

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I would ask my ABAP to imlement note 61148. I downloaded it and tried to implement as well but it needs some ABAP actions.

Delivery schedule tabs:


capture.png (22.6 kB)
capture.png (24.1 kB)

Hi Jürgen,

I implemented note 61148 but it is showing the same results (means no change in the VETVG table):

I believe that as this VETVG doesn't have item number or material number as key in its structure, it always shows the first delivery date from the STO. if that corresponding line item is delivered, VETVG shows the next date. If we miss the shipment, and enter current dates in VL10*, then it exclude that STO totally from the result as past date (missed date) is not in the selection scree.

Do you think I should get in touch with SAP or this standard behaviour is acceptable??

Thank you for your support as always.

Best regards,


capture.png (18.7 kB)
Jürgen L
Feb 27 at 04:16 PM

I think you are mixing delivery date (shown in your PO screenshot) with delivery creation date (shown in your VL10 selection screen screenshot)

Just have a look into VETVG table, which is the index for the delivery creation to a STO .

What date is in field LEDAT?

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Hi Juergen,

It is just showing the first line item delivery date in VEVTG which is my worries. Why it is not showing both lines.


capture.png (89.5 kB)

Kindly do a different selection in this table, do not input a shipping point, do not input any dates, just enter the PO number.


same result:

I also try to implement Notes 1844735 and 1884007 but these could not be implemented in my system. We are on EHP 6 (SAP_APPL : 606 :0010 : SAPKH60610 : Logistics and Accounting).

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,


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Whenever you add any post, please do so under Comment and not under Answer, as you were not answering but only providing additional informations as required by the member. Meanwhile, I have converted your above post from Answer to Comment


Hi G Lakshmipati, Thanks for the information. I would do so.