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Error 13 for write/read access to a file and Background jobs are being cancelling


We are facing an error : Error 13 for write/read access to a file and TemSe input/output to unopened file Error at DB commit, return code 001024, which we can see at System logs and Backgroung jobs are being cancelling in Dialog instances which are running on Windows platform saying ' No job log is available'.In Central instance(UNIX platform) jobs are running fine.I have read the previous discussion on this exact same issue and have checked the SID<adm> permission(and this is ok in our system) and ran RSBTCDEL2 report but it dint help me resolve.Kindly give your suggestions.

I would like to mention a point which we have seen now and would like to ask whether the below case can cause this jobs failing(without job logs) situation :-

As we have seen a Filesystem ' gbbqpwh001fap05 ' is not properly mounted in instance of QA7 SAP system),we have asked our UNIX team to get it corrected.After checking they have raised a problem ticket to ' Wintel team W&C 2nd line ' saying -

' It has been identified by UNIX team that application teams are facing errors due to files not being available. Upon investigation this is due to dead cifs mounts from GBBQPWH001FAP05.The reason for this might be a change handled by wintel team, which was to migrate the file server GBBQPWH001FAP05 to APP3157 - many AIX servers fail to mount cifs exported from GBBQPWH001FAP05.

Unix team raised a software call for concerned team and they confirmed AIX supported cifs with SMB v1 only, SMB v2, SMB v3 unsupported.

As part of that said change, the Wintel team disabled SMB v1 protocol on GBBQPWH001FAP05 as a part of the migration what cut AIX servers to mount cifs from the server. Wintel team did migrate gbbqpwh001fap05 from 2008 to 2012 and disabled SMB v1 as a security risk.

ERROR: root:unxa0002:P750_03_NEO:/# mount -v cifs -o fmode=777 -o bg,soft,intr -o -n gbbqpwh001fap05/smbprod/W0rldcup adhocprod$ /mnt
There was an error connecting the share or the server. Make sure the lsdev command shows that device nsmb0 is in the Available state. Also make sure that the share name, user name and password are accurate.

In fact, CIFS on AIX supports only SMBv1.
Newer versions are not supported.
This means if SMBv1 is turned OFF, AIX will not be able to mount the share. '

Kindly suggest on this also.

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  • Feb 27, 2018 at 06:10 PM

    It seems, you have problems with sapmnt share between unix and windows. Check below Note for some direction

    28781 - Central transport directory NT/UNIX

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    • Hi Ram,

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