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Early Warning System - PP Module

Feb 27 at 11:45 AM


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Can anyone share a working example of Early Warning system in PP Module. Our strategy is Make-to-stock and its repeatitive manufacturing.



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2 Answers

Marcos Favoni Feb 28 at 08:38 PM

Hello guys,

The Early Warning System is part of the Logistics Information System (LIS). It is based on the info structures of each module (i.e. PP, QM, MM). Here, we use this tool to create alerts by e-mail always when some materials reach a certain level of stock for example.

The first step is to identify the info structure that contains the data you want to evaluate. Then it is necessary to create an exception and schedule a background job. You can also execute the analysis online. The system will identify exceptions in the info structure and highligh these ones in the report.

The transactions to be used depend on the functionality, for example:

For production orders follow: Logistics > Logistics Controlling > Shop Floor Information System > Early Warning System

For stocks: Logistics > Logistics Controlling > Inventory Controlling > Early Warning System

Hope it helps.



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Caetano Almeida
Feb 27 at 04:36 PM

Hello Faisal

What exactly do you mean about early warning system? Can you please provide more details?



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Hi Caetano,

As explained by Marcos, I would like to create an early warning (alert to user via email) about an event which will take place in future or has occured. Though i have done the same in PM module but as just got into PP module thus was looking for an example of alert that i might create in PP Module.