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SAP CRM Fiori MyAccounts - New View with curstom table - Problem OData Binding

Feb 27 at 10:19 AM


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Hello together,

we have extended the SAP CRM Fiori My Account App.

What we have already done:

Add new custom view with a table

Enable the drop down for new view so that you can navigate there

Extend the BUPA OData Service with a Custom Handler Class


What have we to do to use a custom navigation property / entity set for our new view? In the app URL i see that the OData Part is automatically there when u navigate to a new view. Example ..../AccountCollection('1')/customView

But where is the mapping in standard code to OData Binding?

Best regards Richard

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2 Answers

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Richard Brünning Feb 27 at 03:15 PM


for future reference here my solution.

For our custom view we had to define the following method in the new correspondig controller.

getExpandForBinding: function() {
return "CustomView";

This method seems to be calls by the Overview Page. CustomView is the navigation Propery which gets then inserted in the OData batch request as Expand Parameter. .../AccountCollection('1')?$expand=CustomView.

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Henrik Agaeus Jun 27 at 03:12 PM

Hi Richard, I would also like to add a new view to be selected from the dropdownlist of MyAccount Overview page, could you please describe how to make that first step? I have implemented the controllerextension "extHookAdaptAvailableSubViews" to remove som entries in the dropdownlist, that works, but here I also try to add one new entry but there is a timeout before the overview page is displayed..I realize that I must make my new entry and (so far) empty view known in the whole application, but how?

Kind regards,


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