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Jul 17, 2008 at 10:31 AM

how to implement pulldown selection voor searchhelp ??


I have copied the searchhelp PREMK to ZPREMK and the view M_PREMK to ZM_PREMK and added pa0003 table to this view

copied HRMC_PREM_EXIT_A to ZHRMC_PREM_EXIT_A and appended the begda and endda in the coding.

everythings works fine besides the fact that in PREMK the field WERKS and BTRTL have a pulldown list and my searchhelp doesn't ??

where is it arranged that I can set the pulldown list. I have looked in the view and the table is related to the same table T500P ? I can't find anything changed in the PREMK compared to the ZPREMK concerning this fields ??

anybody got a clue ??

kind regards

arthur de smidt