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Jul 17, 2008 at 09:36 AM

output contains n same records where n is noof deliveries


Hello gurus,

i have 4 fields Date,Salesorg,Shipping point ,division 5th field is Noofdeliveries ( in this field when ever there is a change in 4 fields then noofdeliveries should be counted and the number should be filled in the noofdeliveries column )

iam using a select statement that counts the noof deliveries for the common Date,Sales org,Shipping point and division suppose if the noof deliveries (count ) is 11 for the same date,salesorg,shippingpt,division then iam getting 11 same records in the output instead i need only one..

so wat to do to get single record for the same date,salesorg,shippingpt,division and should show 11 in noof deliveries column inthe output...

Please....treat this as urgent and giv me the solution..

Points will be rewarded for the answers...

thanks in advance..