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Hierarchy difference total on story tables

Feb 26 at 06:47 PM


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Hello everyone.

I have a question about a SAP Analytics Cloud functionality.

Is it possible change the hierarchy functionality to make a difference between the measures associated to a dimension?

I'm going to attach a screen.

Thanks for all the suggestions.



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1 Answer

Julian Jimenez
Feb 26 at 09:50 PM

Hi Juan Elías Rivero Domínguez ,

Not sure if I understood correctly the question. If you want to have a calculated measure so you can compare your sales from 2017 to your sales from 2018, you can create restricted measures to filter by year:

You will be able to create a simple calculation using these restricted measures.



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Thanks for the help Julian.

I'm looking your link. Let me try this functionality. Another question, Is it possible apply this functionality making conditions between the current year and previous year, only without make conditions from my datasource?

By example, the next year will be 2019, previous to that will be 2018. Is there a way to bring that from the Analytics Cloud by default? Or must I filter obligatory?



Yes, you should be capable of using calculations in your restricted measure. There are some standards calculations already available but you can always select members or create a Calculation Input Control or formula.


Hi Julian, sorry for be so insistent.

I did it my test with Difference from and works. But i wanna show the table like the picture that I'm going to attach.

Is it will be posible?





Sorry, I forgot about that question. If you filter and only show the members (years) that you want, you will remove that (all) hierarchy element (top-level on date hierarchy).


Thanks for your answer.

With the current year and the previous year:

Can i do that automatically or must be defined in the database?

Other thing, did you see the picture that I send in my previous entry? It is about the configuration of the columns in the table.



By default, when you create a table and select a hierarchy dimension such as date, it will create that drilling feature with (All) as default value. I can see this picture:

If you want to get rid of the (All) that is the aggregation of both years, you can click on the annio funnel in the right side (builder section) to select only years manually rather than the complete hierarchy to avoid the (All) column.

You can make this filter Dynamic.

  1. Click the Funnel icon in your Annio dimension
  2. Select Filter By Range
  3. In the page Set Date Range for Time, select "Dynamic"
  4. You will see the granularity. It allows you to select current year (2018) and options to look back or look ahead

This will not show the "All" as you wanted and select dynamically a certain period before and after the current year.