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Bug at SAPLogon with wdtlog.ocx starting with SAP GUI 7.40 PL 9

Nov 01, 2016 at 08:27 PM


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we recognize an issue within the component "wdtlog.ocx" / "wdtlogU.ocx" starting with SAP GUI 7.40 PL 9.

(In PL 7 the described functionality works without any trouble.)

And yes - we need the old ocx-component still in this days...


A very simple way to test the situation is the possibility of running the logon in VBA in a Word document.

Private Sub test_sap_logon()
  Dim objSapLogon As Object
  Dim objConnection As Object
  Dim sMsg As String
  Dim bRetval As Boolean

  On Error GoTo 0
  Set objSapLogon = CreateObject("SAP.LogonControl.Unicode.1")
  Set objConnection = objSapLogon.NewConnection
  With objConnection
    .System = "D60" ' die System ID des SAP Systems, z.B. "Q11"
    .SystemNumber = 0 ' die Instanznummer des SAP Systems, z.B: 11
    .Client = "800" ' der Mandant für die Anmeldung, z.B: "100"
    .Language = "DE" ' die Anmeldesprache, z.B: "EN"
    .User = "USER1" ' der SAP Benutzername, z.B. "MAYER"
    .Password = "MyPassword" ' zum Test ihr SAP Kennwort, z.B. "11aa#13"
    .HostName = ""
    .CodePage = "" '"1100"
    .RfcWithDialog = 2
    .SNC = False
    .SNCName = ""
    .SNCQuality = "-1"
    .LowSpeedConnection = False
    .SystemID = ""
    .TraceLevel = 0
    .GatewayHost = ""
    .GatewayService = ""
    .ABAPDebug = False
    .UseDefaultSystem = False
    .UseSAPLogonIni = False
    .UseSAPRFCIni = False
    .Destination = .System
  End With
  ' Anmeldung an Servergruppe
  With objConnection
    .ApplicationServer = ""
    .GroupName = "PUBLIC" ' der Gruppenname zur Anmeldung an einer Servergruppe, z.B. "PUBLIC"
    .MessageServer = "se03" ' der Hostname des Messageservers zur Gruppenanmeldung, z.B. "MS11.inPuncto.local"
    .SAPRouter = ""
  End With
  bRetval = objConnection.Logon(0, True)
  If bRetval = False Then
    sMsg = ""
    Select Case objConnection.IsConnected
      Case 1 'tloRfcConnected
        ' that's correct - but why is bRetval = False ?
        sMsg = "TCP/IP error at SAP R/3 connection"
      Case 0 'tloRfcNotConnected
        sMsg = "Connection to SAP R/3 could not be established"
      Case 2 ' tloRfcConnectCancel
        sMsg = "Connection aborted"
      Case 4 'tloRfcConnectParameterMissing
        sMsg = "Connection error: Parameter missing"
      Case 8 'tloRfcConnectFailed
        'The R/3 connection failed - display further info
        Call objConnection.LastError
      Case Else
        sMsg = "Unknown RfcStatus in <SAP.Connection.IsConnected>"
    End Select
    If sMsg <> "" Then
      MsgBox sMsg, vbCritical + vbOKOnly
    End If
    Call objConnection.SystemInformation(0)
  End If
  Set objConnection = Nothing
  Set objSapLogon = Nothing
End Sub

At line objConnection.Logon SAP displays following message in a dialog

Error Group

SAP_CMINIT3 : rc=20 > Connect to SAP gateway failed
Connect_PM  GWHOST=0, GWSERV=sapgw00, SYSNR=00

LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host vpc71-srvw01 with Unicode
ERROR       hostname '0' unknown
TIME        Thu Oct 27 08:10:15 2016
RELEASE     740
COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
VERSION     40
RC          -2
MODULE      D:/depot/bas/740_REL/src/base/ni/ninti.c
LINE        896
DETAIL      NiPGetHostByName: '0' not found
SYSTEM CALL getaddrinfo

Because the exactly same code works at SAP GUI 7.40 PL 7 without any error, we think that is a new bug in the component.

Does any other developer has the same problems?

Any help?

Regards, Oliver

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