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Jul 17, 2008 at 03:41 AM

Sapscript delete zero


Hello Experts,

I have one problem in one sapscript. The problem is that i display in two columns two fields I_LTAP-CHARG and I_LTAP-VLENR.

After to pass them to my form i delete zero at the left with the MF: CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT.

The first column is for I_LTAP-CHARG and the last one is for I_LTAP-VLENR.

In the sapscript, i call them like this: &I_LTAP-CHARG& and &I_LTAP-VLENR&.

So, the problem that the first field I_LTAP-CHARG is displayed correctly but for I_LTAP-VLENR

is truncated in the begin.

Example: I_LTAP-VLENR = 00000000001200000565

After the call of CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT --> I_LTAP-VLENR = 1200000565

And in the form the value displayed is : 00000565 (Without the two first caracters)

I switch the order of the columns but the same problem, i change the Alignment for paragraph format and the tabulation but always the same problem.

What i don't understand is why the problem occurs just for I_LTAP-VLENR and not for I_LTAP-CHARG and just before Write_Form of the main the value of I_LTAP-VLENR is always correct 1200000565 but when we display the form the value displayed no es correct, why the system truncates the two first letters!!!!

If can anybody explain me why and what is the solution for this problem.

Thank you very much.