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Jul 16, 2008 at 08:31 PM

SDK to create metadata?


I am exploring ways to use Business Objects to report on survey data. The key problem is that each of my customers determines the questions on his survey(s), and hence the schema of the data to be reported on. So I'm looking into ways to dynamically add metadata to the Universe, most likely through an API. (I'm new to Business Objects, so I'm a little vague on what exactly that would entail.)

I was led to believe that the Universe Designer SDK supported updates of the metadata by the document, "BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2: Comparing the Enterprise and Web Services SDKs," dated 13 July 2006. A bullet point from that document reads, "Universe Designer SDK u2013 use to design and modify universes."

Yet the only discussion that I have found in these forums concerns only reading the metadata. Am I correct in my inference that the COM-based Universe Designer SDK is the only programmatic mechanism for accessing Universe metadata, and that this access is read-only?

If indeed the only API is read-only, what other approaches might you suggest?