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Items showing in SBWP but not reflecting in my inbox.

Feb 27 at 06:08 PM


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I have configured the standard app my inbox on fiori 2.0 with s/4 hana 1709. From dev client i can see there are items in workflow inbox in SBWP but in launchpad the my inbox app is showing wrong tasks.


1> Inbox> Workflow>:

2> my inbox:

3> Into my inbox:

workflow.png (124.7 kB)
myinbox-count.png (96.7 kB)
myinbox-details.png (112.5 kB)
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2 Answers

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Tridwip Das Mar 05 at 05:18 PM


It was RFC connection problem. We changed the user as per login user and it worked!

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saurabh vakil Feb 28 at 04:32 AM

Have you correctly performed scenario definition on your gateway system? Also, have you added the scenarioId=<SCENARIONAME> value in your tile's Parameters field? What is the value in the Service URL field under Dynamic Data on the tile properties?

Also ensure that the workflow task filter is disabled on the backend system and enabled on the gateway system if you are using scenario specific tiles.

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Hi Thanks for the reply!

I have a defined scenario on the gateway but if I enable task filter on the gateway and put the scenarioid in parameter its not showing any data. Its only showing data if parameter is: "allitems=true".

The value of the service url in dynamic data on the tile is showing data from a older workflow which has been deleted already.


Can you post a screen shot of your tile's properties showing the parameters value where you would have entered the scenario id?

You can check the document attached to this SAP Note 2424054 to check how to setup the My Inbox app.




the tile:

scenario.png (83.9 kB)
tile-scn.png (79.7 kB)

If you need to just use the all items tile then deactivate the workflow task filter on your gateway system.

However if you are looking to configure scenario specific tile then please verify these 2 things: on backend disable the workflow task filter, on gateway enable to workflow task filter. This way the TASKPROCESSING OData service will get all inbox items from backend to the gateway, and on the gateway side the workflow task filter will filter out the tasks belonging to your specific scenario and make only those available in the My Inbox app.