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Log in Embedded for user

Feb 27 at 04:24 PM


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Hello all,

I was wondering what is the best option to provide a Log in BPC 10.1 Embedded so the users can see what they have previously executed with success or not. Is there something similar in Embedded to the Data Packages log on BPC Standard?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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3 Answers

Sri Harsha K Feb 27 at 04:41 PM

Hi Garfias,

You can access the log by running into SLG1 transaction code.

Thank you



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Hello Sri,

Thanks for your reply!

I was wondering if there is something more friendly that the users can see by themselves from the front-end, similar to the data packages log.


Lucas Costa Feb 27 at 08:56 PM

Hi Garfias, unfortunately the embedded version still on baby steps regarding logging/message handling.

SLG1 will tell you a few things like how many records have been read from Ownership / Consolidation cube.. the filters used and even how many records will be posted. But won't give you further details.

One of the things you can consider is to develop some sort of report to read the data from UJP_PROC_LOG.

To find the appropriate logs you need to find the process ID which is an unique value that correspond to your task sequence execution. This ID can be found in table UJP_PROC_STEP using the appset/appl/user/version/time...

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Hello Lucas,

Thank you so much for your input.

I took a look at the tables you suggested and they look very helpful but for a Consolidation Model as you mentioned too. I should have told before that the logs my users are asking for are for Planning Sequences on a Planning Model.

Do you know what can I do or use in this case? Thanks a lot.


Oh ok, have you checked SLG1 object BW-PLA?

Leila Lappin
Feb 27 at 09:51 PM


Could you please provide an example or use case? Since BPC embedded does not have data manager packages, or any script logic, the only areas left are consolidation monitor and journal entries and they both show the latest status of the processes. As far as logs and errors as always these are recorded in SLG1. I think an example will be helpful. Thank you

Best Regards,

Leila Lappin

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