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Jul 16, 2008 at 02:33 PM

dealing with a deleted object in the transport..



so here is a new scenario !!

I had a transport moved from one sap dev system to another sap dev system, say ECCDK1111. This contained an IDOC with 4 segments. In the new system, I deleted one of these segments, I was asked a transport request for this, I created a new one, say ECCDK1120.

I deleted this transport request ECCDK1120 by mistake !!!

Now when ECCDK1111 will be moved to the quality system, what will happen ??

1. Will any transport error be encountered ? I presume so, because ECCDK1111, has an entry named "Customizing: Table contents" under which EDISDEF, EDISEGMENT and EDSAPPL are listed and these contain an entry of the segment (which was moved from old system but which I deleted in the new system ). Can anyone say for sure what will happen ??

2. In case answer for my first question is "errors will appear", then how to resolve it ??

thanks to all who have been patiently answering my questions 4m yday regarding such scenarios w.r.t transports. You guys are great !!