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Jul 16, 2008 at 01:22 PM

Delete extra spaces?


Hi all,

I've added two UDF's to a contact of a business partner:

- U_voornaam

Front name with 150 characters.

- U_achternaam

This is the family name, also 150 characters.

Now I've built a FMS for the field OCPR.Name (50 characters):

SELECT $[OCPR.U_voornaam] + ' ' + $[OCPR.U_achternaam]

The problem is now that when a run this FMS, SBO says there are too many characters, because U_voornaam starts with pos0 with filling the field and U_achternaam starts with pos149 with filling the field.

An example:

U_voornaam = Lars

U_achternaam = Pelzer

The result: "Lars{about 290 spaces}Pelzer"

Is there a possibility to solve this problem?

Can de spaces be removed?

Thank you in advance!