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Getting Error" Enter a new gross price (document $$00000001, item 000001) " in ABD creation from FSD

Feb 26 at 07:03 PM


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Hello When I am creating ABD from Freight Settlement document I am getting this error in the Application long :

Enter a new gross price (document $$00000001, item 000001).

1.I have done the mapping of Charge type and Condition type for Purchasing.

2.Assignment the basic data from ABD creation.under Mapping for Cost distribution.

3.Maintained the relation between the settlement doc type and Settlement process type

4.Maintained the Pricing procedure determination

Could any one help me regarding the error . .



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Is your FSD for a sales order or purchase order? Wondering which type of ABD document you are triggering -- a payment doc or billing doc type.

In the TM integration config Basic Settings for Creation of Agency Documents, which Procedure (calc schema) is being used for your scenario? Can you check under the agency business configuration of Define Price Determination Process > Define Calculation Schema that it is set up?

Also, I noticed in the Billing Document Types config there is a checkbox labeled "Zero values allowed" which is marked in my case. You may want to check this setting.


Thanks for help

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2 Answers

Arjun Mukherjee Feb 28 at 06:45 PM

Hello Sarah,

Thanks a lot for the Help.

I am Creating Invoice for the Inbound Delivery Document.

Actually I am working in S4H 1709 embedded TM ,here the Billing Document Type and Payment Type are named as Settlement document Type and Settlement Process type respectively so the assignment of the " Basic Data for Creation of Agency Document " .

My assignment was wrongly done.. After correction I am able to create Invoice for the Inbound Delivery .

Thanks ,


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Former Member May 14 at 02:53 PM

Hi Arjun

can you share the configuration you have done?

For me the cost distribution document creation itself is failing.

I am trying a normal domestic outbound scenario.



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Hello Harmesh,

Here is the Complete Configuration you need to check ( you can create your Z config or you can go along with the Standard config to run yout Scenario )

1. Define a Cost Distribution Profile ( Basic Function >Cost Distribution)

2. Assign the Cost distribution Profile in Charge Profiles .(Basic Function > Charge Calculation)

3. Assign TM charge Types to ERP condition Types (Integration with other SAP Component >>TM>Invoice Integration>> Mapping for Cost Distribution)

4. Define Condition Types(Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Pricing>>Material management>>Define Condition Types)

5.Define Pricing Procedure (Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Pricing>>Material management>>Define Pricing Procedure)

6.Define Schema Group (Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Pricing>>Define Schema Group>> Define Schema Groups for Purchasing Organizations)

7.Assign Schema group to Purchase Organization(Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Pricing>>Define Schema Group>> Define Schema Groups for Purchasing Organizations)

8. Specify Pricing Procedure Determination (Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Pricing>>Specify Pricing Procedure Determination)

9.Assign Company Code to Plant (Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Assign Company Code to Plant)

10. Define Settlement Document Types : Here we define the Settlement Document ,copy the Standard 1600 Cost Distribution Document Type. For Creation of Settlement Document for Outbound Scenario we need this (Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Settlement Documents>>Settlement Document Type>>All types of Documents)

11. Define Settlement Process Type : Here we define Process type ,which is used to Create Invoice Document for the Purchase order /inbound Scenario .(Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Settlement Process>>Define Settlement Process Type.)

12. Allowed Combination of Settlement Process Type /Settlement Document Type .(Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Settlement Process>>Allowed Combinations of Settlement Process /Settlement Document Types)

13.Specify Copy Control (Logistic General>>Settlement Management>>Basic Setting>>Specify Copy Control>>Preceding Document to Settlement Management Document)

14. Basic Setting of Creation of Settlement management Document .(Integration with Other SAP Components>> Transportation Management>>Invoice Integration>>Mapping for Cost Distribution >>Posting Via Settlement Management>>Basic Setting of Creation of Settlement management Document) . I have attached the screenshot of this Config.

Note : Activate the Cost Distribution in the FO/FB type and in your FSD type before doing all this Configuration

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Former Member

Hi Arjun

Thanks for all the efforts for putting this up. Reall appreciate it.

Are these settings valid for S4HANA 1709?



Yeah pretty much.. this are the detailed settings for cost distribution to work in 1709

It's pretty much similar to standalone TM and ECC only difference is some description of nodes .