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Use personalized content in content studio of SAP Hybris Marketing

I want to create a responsive email template in the content studio of SAP Hybris Marketing. I know that you can use personalized attributes like for example first name and last name.

Is there any way to create a personalized QR code (or bar code) and embed that in the email? The code should be unique by customer ID. As a result, every email sent with this template should contain a unique QR code which can identify a customer.

If this is absolutly not possible, maybe there is a work around? Maybe you have to start in the campaign flow and not in the content studio. I appreciate any advice and, if appropriate, alternative suggestions.

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2 Answers

  • Mar 01, 2018 at 09:16 AM


    in general your requirement will be addressed by the offer management scenario with the couponing feature enabled. LINK.

    With the current releases however individual coupon codes per contact/ customer are not yet supported. This feature will be delivered

    with one of the upcoming releases. As a workaround one could think of building a servlet on a server which compiles the individual code once called from a link in the email.



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    • Hey Matthias,

      thanks for the feedback! Too bad that there are not yet personalized QR codes / coupons for every single customer. I think it would be best if I explain the entire use case. I want to create a custom Fiori app (based on the Hybris campaign app) with the following functionality:

      1. Send emails with personalized QR codes to customers (e.g. invitation to a customer event)
      2. If a customer shows his email with the QR code, it should be decoded / scanned (directly @ customer event, face2face customer - organizer / user of the app)
      3. Trigger action in the backend ("customer attends the event")

      The main problem is the first point. To generate and scan a QR code, there are already good instructions that should help.

      Which scenario would probably be relatively easy to implement: generate QR code in the Fiori app for 1 (not more!) customer, save as .PNG and add the QR-image to an email template. Select email template and send it to the specific customer. This would be too complex for several customers and would not bring any real improvement.

      Maybe I should not stubbornly stick to the QR code. Are there any other possibilities, to implement such an event tracking? Within this use case I don't think of opening of a mail / a link etc. when talking about event tracking. I think of this:

      As soon as a customer appears at an event, the organizer (user of the Fiori app) should be able to carry out a simple (!) action (the first wish was to scan a QR code), so that the participation / appearance is transferred directly to the backend.

      I checked the SAP Hybris Marketing Deep Dives channel on YouTube. There were some hints that made me think (Content Studio, personalize email template), but I have not yet found an optimal solution. Maybe also Jan Matthes has a spontaneous idea.

      Looking forward to find some way to do this!


  • Mar 06, 2018 at 05:13 PM

    Hi Ubkcah,

    You can create coupons for each customer and covert them into a barcode using HTML or you can also use your customer key directly and convert that into a barcode using HTML/Java Scripts in the email content see examples here

    This can then be used at the event to read your customer data or coupons and action accordingly in the backend.



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    • Hi Vineet,

      if I had a QR Code for each customer it would be totally fine (no need for converting into a barcode). The problem in this case is, that you can't do this in content studio of Hybris Marketing. Unique QR codes by customer are not yet available.

      JsBarcode looks easy to use. At this point, I am only concerned with the question of how to integrate the barcode into the email. Is it possible to insert the HTML code directly into an email template and automatically send individual emails? It's easy to insert the barcode in a view of the app, but how can I send emails to a target group at a single time (1 unique barcode per customer)? If you send an email with Hybris Marketing, you have to add a template to the email which defines to content.

      I hope you understand what question concerns me.

      Thank you!