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Workitem dissapears from original approver's outbox once opened by substitution


I have the following request:
Currently when the workflow goes to CF approval level, the work item will goes to one user. And this user have set workflow substitution to dedicate all the work item to other user in CF position to make sure the approval activity could be performed on time.

Which means when the work item created to one CF user, all the user in substitution will be able to see the work item.

But sometime, one substitution user open the pending work item and close it without take approval, this work item will be in the status of "In Process", and then it will be disappeared from the inbox of initial user and also can not find from his outbox.

If there is any way to keep the "In Process" work item in initial user's inbox as he can trace all the open work item?

Can anyone confirm if this is the standard behavior? Is there any workaround possible for this situation?



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3 Answers

  • Feb 26, 2018 at 07:51 PM

    This is the correct behaviour. It makes sense: if a task might require some time, you don’t want two people duplicating the work. This is what reservation means: it’s mine, I’m working on it. Train your users to ‘replace’ the work item if they are not planning to action it (empty box icon). Then all original agents will see it again.

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    • That is the carrot approach "Someone may do this work instead of you!!!"

      Tiago, we've been live with SAP Workflow for a long time; we do have to train our users to put back tasks, but it is well worth it. And I wouldn't dream of doing some kind of core mod to change this behavior.

      Just my 2p,


  • Feb 26, 2018 at 04:56 PM

    Hi, Tiago,

    I think this behaviour is standard - the workitem 'dissapears' because it becomes reserved by the substitute.

    Probably, "Also Display Work Items of Adopted Substitutions" option is what should work here.

    Please have a look at this note: 74000 - Q&A: Substitution in Business Workflow

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  • Mar 01, 2018 at 02:46 AM

    Hi Tiago,

    Once the substitute user started the execution of the work item, the work item is reserved exclusively by this user and will disappear from other user's(including the original user) workflow inbox.

    Regarding your request, you may consider utilizing the "automatic replacement" feature which is described in note 1676067. Through this feature, after the substitute user cancel the work item processing, the corresponding work item will be "automatically replaced" and then will reappear in the original user's workflow inbox. This feature works on task level through the configuration.

    Hope it helps.


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