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Former Member
Jul 16, 2008 at 08:02 AM

Re:LO extraction


Hi expert,

In LO i get a problem in lbwe light is red (DS2lis_11_vahdr) i am going to update active to inactive that is in active graded

how can i do this message i get

Entries for application 11 still exist in the extraction queue ->

Message no. MCEX151


Changing extraction structure MC11VA0HDR for application 11 is forbidden, because there are entries that have not yet been processed into an extraction queue for application 11 for at least one client.

If an extraction structure is changed to the entries that are still open in an extraction queue, then these are no longer able to be read and can cause terminations with the collective update.


Start the collective update using the function "Job Control" in the Logistics Extraction Structures Customizing Cockpit.

To get an overview of the logistics extraction queues, see the Logistics Queue Overview.