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Jul 16, 2008 at 07:38 AM

Setting SRM Approval thesholds in Org Structure and Workflow Approval.



I am in the process if setting up a pilot presales SRM 5.0 system and require to set up one step approval between a Shopping Cart Requestor and their department managers. A simple example being that, if Jo Doe raises a Cart for 100 USD, it goes to a supervisor, if Jo raises a cart for 101-499 USD it goes to a manager and if Jo raises anything above 500 USD it goes to the CIO and so on.

What options do I have available in SRM customizing to build in threshold values in order for them to be workflowed to a selected person in the SRM org structure? The documentation does not indicate if this can be done within the attributes or if any new tables need to be created that would hold these theshold values and called via a function mod or exit during workflow determination.

Any opinions would be welcome.

Have a good day and Thanks,

Mike Pallister,

Montana PX, FL, USA