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Jul 16, 2008 at 07:34 AM

HR Program data extraction based on selection screen


Hi All,

I want to get the data based on the selection screen values. and i am using the PNP Logical data base in that and below is my selection screen values,

INFOTYPES :0001,0002,0008.

SELECT-OPTIONS: s_btrtl FOR pa0001-btrtl NO INTERVALS,

s_trfgr FOR pa0008-trfgr NO INTERVALS,

s_trfgb FOR pa0008-trfgb NO INTERVALS,

s_awart FOR pa2001-awart NO INTERVALS.

PARAMETERS : p_begda LIKE sy-datum DEFAULT sy-datum,

p_endda LIKE sy-datum DEFAULT sy-datum.

using get pernr i am gettin the values




GET pernr.

PERFORM get_data_001.



*& Form get_data_001


FORM get_data_001 .

rp_provide_from_last p0008 space pn-begda pn-endda.

rp_provide_from_last p0001 space pn-begda pn-endda.

rp_provide_from_last p2001 space pn-begda pn-endda .

How to get the values based on the selection screen values ie) S_BTRTL,S_TRFGR,S_TRFGB,S_AWART,P_BEGDA,P_ENDDA.

Pls give me a solution to get the datas based on the selection screen.


With Regards,