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Jul 16, 2008 at 06:22 AM

Adding code in ABAP Query(ABAP HR)


I have created an ABAP Query for getting the Absence details of employee within a specified period.I am populating the fields

Employee number, Organization Unit,Absence start date,Absence hours, Absence enddate.

If an employee is in leave for 10 days, this information will be stored in PA2001 table,and this table is not Organization specific.

During the specified period(20 days), if an employee is under two Organization units(5 days in 1st Org Unit,15 days in 2nd Org Unit). The query is extracting two records for the same employee, because of two Organization units. And while populating the data, the query is getting the Absence information from PA2001 table, and this is causing overlapping of data. So it is showing the Absence details for that employee as 40 days(20 days in 1st Org Unit and 20 days in 2nd Org Unit,Instead of total 20 days). So i would like to add validation over here after extraction of data from the PA2001 table,before displaying the data.

I have tried adding the code in the infoset, at END OF SELECTION Event,but i am not able to change the list, as i am not able to access the tables used by the Query.

Can anybody suggest me where to add the code in the Query, so that i will be able to solve this issue, instead of changing the code in the Report program generated by the Query.