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Best posible way to retrieve employee data into IDM from third party non sap HR system using API's?

Hello Experts,

There is non- sap hr system available and various API's are designed for retrieving and posting the data. Kindly suggest which is best possible way to retrieve employee related information available in a third party non sap HR system using API's. (read and even push back data)

1) using VDS?

2) directly calling web service in java scripting as per the below blog?

Can some one please let me know the pros and cons of using VDS approach or using javascript programming approach

if using java script, so how can we store the retrieve data into a dummy/staging table?

IDM system version 8.0 SP4



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    Posted on Feb 26, 2018 at 06:31 PM

    Hi Deva,

    I've integrated IDM with many different HR systems. Methodologies differ for connecting, but basically, it's all about how the data is presented. Sometimes it comes as a flat file, or a database object, via LDAP, or maybe a cloud protocol like SCIM. Once this is known, the correct tool / method can be used. IDM will connect with any of these choices either on it's own using a standard type of pass such as LDAP, JDBC or TEXT or via an API (using a custom/generic pass). Use of a tool like VDS can act as a proxy / transformation tool.

    If you have more specific information, we can probably help define a methodology for you.



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    • Hi Deva,

      In my experience, simple is always best. Depending if your service is cloud or locally based, there are different methods of accessing the data, but it is almost always possible to just get a flat file version of the data delivered via secure methods. If it is that much of an issue, I'm sure the vendor can provide custom java / JavaScript samples that can be used in a generic pass or coded into a JAR for use in a custom pass type.

      I've thought / written about this before, and if you're interested, it's available here.